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Muzik Summer 2017 Update

As we said our goodbyes to the legend that was Sir Bruce Forsyth, many paid tribute by raving their socks off over this fine festival weekend. If I had the pleasure of meeting any of you hard-core nutty ravers, I must say ‘It was nice to see you, to see you….’. Yeh, you’ve guessed it. This is going to be full of weak attempts at puns. I’m sorry. But, Muzik ‘Made me do it’.

So what events did the UK see take place this weekend? Well, Elrow Town took London by storm, bringing some of the best DJ’s to the City. Eats Everything, a Muzik favourite, dropped an incredible set making him the only important Royal at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. His usual charm and elephant like grace when dancing behind the decks kept the crowd Dancin’, all night Dancin’. Personally, my favourite tune of his set was ‘Coming Back (Ramon Tapia Remix)’ by Ninetoes. Yes Ninetoes. (Disclaimer: This is not a reference to you inbred Rotherham rabble.)

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Jamie Jones’ set was once again top notch, and he even managed to get the usual Space Cadets at the front moving. It’s like a Christmas Miracle every time. Part way through his set, disaster struck. An gas leak of some kind, left many ravers coughing and struggling to breathe. Most evacuated the stage area until security had ensured the raving palace was once again safe. The type of gas leaked has still not been confirmed, but rumour has it that Eats Everything’s twelve pasties, thirteen red stripes and four vindaloo’s didn’t agree with him.
Overall, Elrow Town was an insane event and has cemented its place as one of the best House-Tech (second to Muzik) parties in the world.

Our TV screens, newspapers and smartphones were bombarded with the saddening news that had taken place in Barcelona this week. A shocking and unforgettable travesty that has shaken all around the globe, yet house music once again helped support all those affected. One of the most renowned DJs, Dubfire, witnessed the tragic event unfold from his bike in Ramblas. Already thought this man is an absolute diamond geezer? Well, Dubfire has pledged his entire performance fee from his event at Barcelona’s infamous Café Del Mar Boatclub, to help as many as he can involved in the terror attack. He tweeted a picture of a quote from Leonard Bernstein that reads; ‘This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before’. This is why I love house music, and in the words of Chuck Roberts… ‘Let there be HOUSE’.

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Now, time for my track of the week… Drum Roll Please. I’ve picked this massive beat, formerly Danny Howard’s ‘Hottest Record in the World’, as it is a naughty yet sophisticated firecracker. A ragged beat, with a catchy vocal that lies over the top, makes this tune FAT with a PH. Yes, it is of course…Cola by Camelphat and Elderbrook. Definitely worth checking out, and then once you’ve developed an instant love for these masked musical magicians, purchase your NYE Muzik ticket. Now. A close second for me is Huxley’s newest release, Careo, with this Spanish-y feel to it that makes you remember why its Tech-Yes, and not Tech-No.

If you’re liking what you’re reading, and are ready to get ‘Down With Tha’’ Sheffield squad…check out Muzik’s 2nd birthday! Taking place in the haven that is the Code Warehouse, Muzik have brought together some of the biggest names on the circuit right now. The care free atmosphere lets all ravers enjoy the sounds of Pawsa who makes his Sheffield, and will introduce his unique vocal looping and earthy bass to the Yorkshire crowd. The line up just keeps getting better, with the latest addition being the Geordie lad Jacky. Having played alongside the likes of Waze & Odyssey before, this lad is nothing short of incredible, and will be sure to keep you grooving and moving! So make sure to join us, and celebrate Muzik’s 2nd birthday with Waze & Odyssey, Huxley, Pawsa, Leftwig & Kody and Jacky.

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Make sure to get yourself a ticket before it too late. No excuse is acceptable. If it means missing a date with your Mrs’, missing the birth of you child or even getting the sack from work, we have one excuse that’ll get you off the hook…Muzik Made Me Do It.



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